We are the first NGO giving a voice to British Arabs to uphold the universality of women’s rights. We aim to create positive connections with Arab women in the United Kingdom (UK) and the MENA region, emphasis that women’s rights can only be secured and protected by a true and honest  democratic framework.

We stand firmly against any form of violations against women's rights.

Basira’ is an Arabic word meaning: a future vision that combines wisdom and humanity, we use reasoning and intellect to put forward a message that encourage integration and understanding, between communities for a humane future that best serves everyone.

Based on our experiences and understanding of both cultures in the Arab region and the West, we believe that women’s rights is the only way to bring  peace culture to connect the two worlds.

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To develop a program to build capacity for women newly arriving (immigrants or refugees), by holding informative discussions or workshops about integration as an enriching element to our identity.

To hold relevant film and documentary screenings as a tool to create awareness of some of the social injustices that faces women.  And to assert that upholding Universal human rights is the only way for positive change.
To work with the media to  produce documentaries  that  highlight issues of injustices and abuse of women’s rights that  negatively affects societies and stand as obstacle to  change.