Atallah Said OBE

British  of Palestinian origin
I do support your work at Basira it is an honour to add my name to the list of supporter's.

Atallah Said OBE chairman of the British Arab Association Chairman of Arab Labour Group also I was Vice Chairman of Arab Jewish Forum Vice Chairman of the Palestinian Association, very Active in politics the Foreign Office recognise my work in improving British Arab Relations by taking Representatives of the British Arab community to meet Foreign Office officials.

Mohamed Kawas

British of Lebanese   origin
Journalist – researcher, writer and presenter  in ANB  (Arab News )

Mustapha Karkouti

British of Syrian origin
Mustapha Karkouti is a London-based columnist and writer. He is a former president of Foreign Press Association in London.

Nehad Ismail

UK based writer and broadcaster specializing in the Middle East.

He worked for 15 years in the Oil Sector before becoming involved in the media as a writer and broadcaster.

His articles appear regularly in Middle East Magazine, the Huffington Post, and UK Defence Forum "Defence Viewpoints".

My back ground in brief consists of 15 years in the oil industry (1989 – 2004).

But since the year 1999, I started to take interest in the Middle East political scene and this interest resulted in frequent media appearances, and in writing articles. This interest intensified after the September 11th 2001 with more TV interviews and articles.

When my contract with the Oil Company ended in 2004 I worked for nearly 1 year in the Pan-Arabic Newspaper Asharq Alawsat, writing pieces for the business and economics section and mainly on oil related subjects. In the meantime I was appearing on Arab Satellite TV on both political and economic subjects.

In the spring of 2005 I took a position with Arab News Network (ANN) as a presenter of a Political Programme (5 days a week),. The topics were wide-ranging and covered subjects like promotion of democracy and reforms in the Middle East, the Israeli/Palestinian Dispute as well as Iraq, Lebanon and other hot spots of the Middle East. (I prepared the material and selected guests for the program).

During the years 2004 until now I continued writing mainly in Arabic. My articles appeared in the Pan-Arab Asharq Alawsat, Alquds Al-Arabi, and Elaph (the most popular Arabic News Internet based website) and other websites in Jordan, and USA. My English language articles appeared in NewsBlaze, New America Media, Global Arab Network, UK Defence Viewpoints, Ammon News etc.

I have reviewed a number of books in English as well as Arabic.

Saad Al Dousary
British of Saudi origin 
Journalist – researcher at BBC Arabic