By offering an open and safe space where British women of Arab heritage living in London can meet for informative discussions to encourage integration as an enriching element in our identity and strengthen our community and society at large.

By strengthening social and women’s liberation that has been silenced for centuries. And by furthering a new definition of female honor and dignity based on common humanity beyond and above any cultural, societal or religious division. To earn respect and promote understanding and coexistence.

By highlighting issues of women’s disadvantage and suffering due to male-interpreted injustices that have been weaved into the common consciousness, with the long-term aim of dismantling patriarchy in all its forms.

By raising awareness on the ways male-interpreted laws lead to extremism, in turn causing community segregation and isolation which negatively impact on our security and community cohesion.

Basira’s further aims are to draw Her Majesty’s Government’s attention to its responsibility to protect British-Arab women under Britain’s legislative system, and to prevent injustices caused by the imposition of religious laws and their incompatibility with the British secular legislative system.

What Basira will be standing for:

  • Absolute protection for women’s dignity through demands for Gender equality, education, work, divorce, inheritance, vote, ownership and full citizenship.

  • Freedom for women in thought, expression, belief or disbelief, movement without needing permission from any guardian, body, clothing, decision making, marriage or non-marriage.

  • The abolition of all laws, practices and fatwas violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and women’s rights, such as, stoning, lashing, the laws acquitting rapists who marries his victim, or tolerating crimes of ‘honor’ and to criminalize female gentile mutilation.

  • Protection against domestic violence, sexual harassment and all forms of physical and psychological abuse and discrimination facing women today in the Arab world and beyond.

Basira decided to carry the voice of voiceless women to the international world, and to keep battling fearlessly for their FULL rights. Because we are committed to democracy and international security and that will not be achieved without  equality and justice for women.

We call upon Arab man to remind him that, woman gives life, and the one whom he leans on in life, without her no meaning to life, her love give brightness to all lives around her, justice for her will guarantees security in this life, let’s work together to empower our women to never accept injustice and oppression, with new culture that guarantee equality between men and women.

Basira will be always standing for:

  • NO Honour Killings

  • YES Justice for Women

  • NO Female Genital Mutilation

  • NO Underage Marriage

  • NO Unjust Divorce

  • NO Domestic Violence