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  • PromotIng justice and equality as key values that protect women’s dignity
  • Creating positive connections through British Arab women in the UK and across the Middle East
  • Promoting cross-cultural understanding between Eastern and Western cultures through women’s universal rights
  • Working to build a mutual culture of peace, protecting every woman’s honor and dignity, and enhancing a global future where security is guaranteed to all


  • To create an open, safe space where Muslim women can have empowering and informed discussions about integration
  • To highlight the social injustices that affect Muslim women living in the UK
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding
  • To champion a culture of peace to enhance our global future security

We hope to affect change here in the UK in order to influence women’s organisations in the MENA region. We hope to highlight that women’s justice and equality is the only way to create a positive societal change that is the bedrock of democracy and international security.