29 December 2017:
Film screening of ‘Halal Love & Sex’ at the Mosaic Rooms, London.
The film is hilarious  justifying the un justified issues related to women in the MENA region.

17 March 2017:
Basira hosted an event on ‘The Hijab – Is it a Choice or an Obligation?’ that was presented by Yasmin Amin (Islamic Studies Scholar at the University of Exeter) at the Mosaic Rooms, London.

The event was extremely well received by attendees  (British Muslim women & others). The speaker proved that it is still a debated subject  in Al Azhar and other religious institutions.

24 October 2016:
Basira organised a high profile expert panel discussion re ‘Sharia Councils in the UK, the impact of their practice on British-Muslim women and looking into the resulting legal pluralism’ at the House of Lords. It was chaired by Baroness Cox, with guest speakers including: Dr Elham Manea (Author of ‘Women and Sharia Law ). The Impact of Legal Pluralism in the UK’), Lesley Abdela (Woman Rights Activist & Campaigner) and Ahlam Akram (Founder-Director of Basrira).

17 June 2016:
Basira organised an event titled ‘Insight With Fadi Zaghmout’ that looked into the subject of ‘MENA Youth: Navigating Gender Rights and Personal Freedoms in the 21st Century’. This was an informative evening discussion with the bestselling author, social activist and blogger, the Jordanian Fadi Zaghmout. Drawing inspiration from his first novel ‘The Bride of Amman’, he was joined in conversation with Shereen El Feki, the Egyptian-Welsh author of ‘Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World.’ Held at the Mosaic Rooms, London.

13 March 2016: 
Basira at the 'Women of the World' (WOW) Festival 2016 a panel discussion on the subject of ‘'Women of the Revolutions: Feminism in the Arab world'’.
Basira Founder Ahlam Akram took part in a panel the  discussion.
The talk looked into the core issues affecting women's lives in the Arab region as well as the role they played in revolutionary times and looking into the future for peace building. It discussed the challenges facing Arab women today and the many ways they are being addressed across the region.
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25th April 2016:
Basira organised a panel discussion re ‘‘Sharia Councils – Is UK Family Law Not Sufficient for British-Muslim Women?’’.  It  was held at the House of Lords. Chaired by Baroness Uddin and guest speakers included: Baroness Cox, Yasmin Amin (Islamic Studies Scholar at the University of Exeter), Iftah Nawaz (Vice-President at the Association of Muslim Lawyers) and Ahlam Akram (Founder-Director of Basira).

Emphasised that we are not here to defend or attack any religion we are seeking equality and justice for women.

Yasmin Amin explained that while sharia is divine, ( based on Quran and Sunneh ? both written years after the death of the Prophet ??  Quran  23 Years  in Othman time – Sunneh  300 years after the prophet with  Iben Isak – Bukari . It does not exist anywhere in a codified form and that what is actually codified and practiced is Islamic Law, which is a man made translation interpretations  of what the forefathers of the schools of law ( Hanafi- Malki- Shafiee  Hanbali  )   understood as what God wanted humans to apply in their societies to reach equity and justice and regulate the communities.  And that since this was and still is an interpretive event, that we need constant updates to Islamic law, since certain issues were not even there back in 7th, 8th, 9th etc century Arabia or elsewhere in the Islamic empire, issues like womb renting, IVF, organ donations & transplant, cloning, even prayers in outer space. I further clarified that there are several schools in both Sunni & Shi’ite sects and several that are neither, like for example the Ahmadis whom several sects do not even consider Muslims. So if Sharia Councils / courts were to be implemented then which madhab (sect) would they follow or would they allow each group to have their own?

An activist working with women spoke and highlighted the effects of sharia courts / councils and how they circumvent British law, and how these courts effectively condone & promote things like polygamy, FGM, lack of alimony, discriminatory child custody and inheritance and underage marriage.

January 2016:
Basira Founder Ahlam Akram was invited by Rotana TV Channel to speak on the subject of women as a key in the fight against fundamentalism.

30 October 2015:
Screening of two short films, ‘Shokran Toni’ and ‘Ana Ahlam’ at the Mosaic Rooms, London.

29 July 2015:
Film screening of the documentary ‘Bastards’, followed by a panel discussion, at the P21 Gallery, London.
The documentary based on true stories showing  the suffering of women due to unclear marriage laws between government legislations  and religion . And the suffering of children born outside the marriage.

March 2015:
Basira took part in the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York.  
The event took place at the Bahai center .  Invited  Raheel Reza (‘Muslims for Tomorrow’)  and  founder Ahlam Akram ,  speakers about Muslim  women’s Rights as universal rights.

5 October 2014:
Film screening of the documentary ‘Bastards’ at The Tricycle Cinema, London.
The  documentary based on true stories showing  the suffering of women due to unclear marriage laws between government legislations  and religion . And the suffering of children born outside the marriage.

27 February 2014:
Film screening of ‘Binteen Min Masr’ at The Coronet Cinema, London.
The film shows clearly the suffering of  unmarried women in a  society  that looks at you as incomplete without a husband .

26 September 2013:
Film screening of ‘Cairo Exit’ at The Coronet Cinema, London.
The film reflect that poverty does not differentiate between  Muslims  and Christian in Egypt.  How love emerge  between a Coptic woman and a Muslim .. and the question of  wether heaven  is the same after death??

3 December 2012:
Film screening of ‘Hala2 La Wein’ at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London. 
The film demonstrate the strength and vision of women and  how to fight sectarianism to unite communities.