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25th April 2016: 

Basira organised a panel discussion on ‘‘Sharia Councils – Is UK Family Law Not Sufficient for British-Muslim Women?’’.  It was held at the House of Lords. Chaired by Baroness Uddin and guest speakers included: Baroness Cox, Yasmin Amin (Islamic Studies Scholar at the University of Exeter), Iftah Nawaz (Vice-President at the Association of Muslim Lawyers) and Ahlam Akram (Founder-Director of Basira).

24 October 2016: 


Basira organised a high profile expert panel discussion on ‘Sharia Councils in the UK, the impact of their practice on British-Muslim women and looking into the resulting legal pluralism’ at the House of Lords. It was chaired by Baroness Cox, with guest speakers including: Dr Elham Manea (Author of ‘Women and Sharia Law ). The Impact of Legal Pluralism in the UK’), Lesley Abdela (Woman Rights Activist & Campaigner) and Ahlam Akram (Founder-Director of Basrira).