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A film screening followed by a panel discussion.

This edition of Basira Presents will show and discuss Cairo Exit: “A powerful account of life in contemporary Cairo, this raw drama about a pair of star-crossed lovers shines a powerful spotlight upon the social and cultural taboos that riddle the city’s diverse population. Heralding a bold new shift for contemporary Egyptian cinema, ‘Cairo Exit’ is a gritty and uncompromising work from a major new cinematic talent, Hesham Issawi.” (See IMDB for full description)

Date: September 26, 2013

Time: Doors open 18:30, Screening begins promptly at 18:45, Event ends at 21:00

Where:  Coronet Cinema, 103 Nottinghill Gate, London W11 3LB. Nearest tube: Nottinghill Gate

How: Please purchase tickets on Eventbrite. There will also be limited tickets for £10 on the door (CASH ONLY)

Inquiries: Please email us using the contact form.

This event is non-profit, and all proceeds go to the costs of the event itself.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Stars Claude Moussawbaa, Layla Hakim, Antoinette Noufily, Yvonne Maalouf, Adel Karam and Nadine Labaki as Amal, a Christian woman who has feelings for a Muslim man Rabih (Julian Farhat), both of whom live in a secluded village inhabited by Christians and Muslims. With English Subtitles.

Award-winning Lebanese director Nadine Labaki created this film and acts in it. Set against the backdrop of a war-torn country, it follows the story of a group of Muslim and Christian women and their determination to protect their isolated, mine-encircled community from the pervasive and divisive outside forces that threaten to destroy their village. United by a common cause, their unwavering friendships are tested to the limits, but how far will they go to stop their sons, husbands and fathers from violence? Filled with dark humour and sobering insights, it questions sectarian divisions and the role of women during difficult times.

A documentary film that explores violence against women in honour-based societies, with particular focus on female genital mutilation (FGM), honour violence and honour killings, early and forced marriages and lack of access to education. The film profiles nine women’s rights activists - with origins in the Muslim and non-Muslim world - and follows their efforts to effect change, both within their communities and beyond.

A short documentary that reflects on a special friendship formed between the American novelist Toni Morrison and a group of Sudanese women. When Morrison published an open letter circa September 2011, in response to a Youtube video showing a Sudanese woman being lashed for an unknown moral crime, director Nahid Toubia and her friends responded by creating this film. Due to government restrictions on filming in public places and the security risks for those involved, the film uses both original and stock footage.